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Today is my birthday! Each year, I use this opportunity to talk about my experiences as a victim of childhood sexual abuse and some related thoughts. This year, unlike previous years, I wrote the Chinese first and then translated it into English - apologies if the prose seems stilted. 

很久以前我跟一位在台灣跳舞認識的女性朋友提到我小時候曾經多年被姑丈性虐待,她很驚訝的說:「我以為這種事只會發生在低收入低教育的家庭裡。」其實性侵害很常發生在我們週遭的人身上,但是因為保守社會忌諱談論性,這種事件通常不被討論,不被追究,也不為人知。今天我想趁我生日討論一下我個人身為性虐受害者的經驗,以及與 swing 最近一個悲哀的醜聞的些許反省。/// Once I told a young woman I met through swing in Taiwan that I was sexually abused by an uncle when I was a child. She said I thought that only happens in low-income uneducated families. This kind of horror happens around us all the time, every day, to people we know. But it's taboo, so we don't talk about it. Today is my birthday and I'd like to talk a little bit about my experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse, and the some thoughts relating to the swing scene.