The Fine Print


Please, please, please pay me - preferably within a day or two. Don't be one of those people who places orders and then forgets about them.


Unless I specifically label it "NEW", all Kiss & Tell items are used goods. This means items are not in perfect condition. I make every effort to reflect the flaws and functionality of all items. If you're on the fence, go ahead and chat me up. I'd be happy to talk your ears off about whatever is on your mind. 


All shipments are shipped from Taiwan by our lovely assistant Cheryl.

Items are normally shipped out within 2-3 business days of receiving your payment.

Within Taiwan, almost all items are delivered within 2 business days, whatever the shipping method.

International shipping is also available (yes!) but please contact me for a quote and estimated delivery time so I can give you the most accurate information depending on what you wish to purchase and how you want them delivered. 


Returns & Exchanges

If something reaches you all broken and shattered, and you send me a photo of the tragic accident, I'll refund your money or send you a replacement (with sincerest apologies). 

If the item fails to satisfy you in some way or if you want to return/exchange it for any other reason, give me a shout and we'll work something out.

So long as you can pay to return the item to me in its original condition, I will refund you the cost (minus the cost of outbound shipping) or send you a replacement (which will incur further shipping costs). 

Whatever the case, please let me know within three days of receiving your goods!